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Jack Johnson

Okay, so i am typically a metal-head. I love all that death, screamo, hardcore stuff you dont hear on the radio. But today, somebody mentioned jack johnson to me, and he is one of my new favorite artists. His songs just make you feel good and laid back and they take you on a journey away from the world. I hope to incorporate some of his greatness in my music style.

Music is way more than a topic.

Okay, so today afterschool, I was talking with my friends than i normally talk to at my locker, but I never really got to know them. Then all the sudden, the topic of music comes up between me and this girl as soon as everybody leaves. What would have normal been a 5 minute conversation became a 30 minute one as we gave our opinions on different bands, concert stories, and certain song that brings back memories. I learned more about her in 30 minutes than I ever did in my entire life. The coolest part is, she likes what I like. That’s the difference between good friends and best friends. Now, things have just opened up and it is like I know her really well. So if you ever wanna talk to somebody new, music is definitely the topic you wanna end up on. Who knows, maybe that question could have you meet your soul mate. Its worth a shot, so take it.

Take you and your opinions somewhere else. A concentration camp sounds nice.

I like metal. I have flippy hair. I enjoy fire. I live a very musical lifestyle. I dont care that you listen to rap, have 300 pairs of jordans, have a snapback to match each one, and cant finish a sentence without saying “nigga” or cursing. I won’t say anything because i know thats “How you Do.” But as soon as you judge me, I’m gonna blow your mind out of the ghetto and back to reality. Don’t judge me for living my real life, and I won’t judge your for living your poser life.

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